To Paint, or Not to Paint?

Spray paint is your friend. Well, unless you’re under 18, then back away.

But for those of us who are over the age of 18, and don’t mind feeling like they’re a criminal when they have to be escorted to the front of the hardware store for checkout, spray paint is your friend. So why is it I’m having such a hard time coming to terms with whether or not I should paint these:

Let me explain where this is coming from. Recently I was going through my garage, continuing the year long process of unpacking some mystery boxes. When lo-and behold, I was greeted by some old friends.

No, not the WoW box. Please, if I re-installed that I would never get anything done.

The doves were a purchase from eBay around 2006, and I purchased them for about $20. The deer horns were a birthday gift from Urban Outfitters, gifted to me in the year 2007, when decking your home out like some sort of urban hunting lodge was totally the hip new thang.

Neither of the antlers nor the doves have seen the light of day since I moved out of my college apartment in early 2008. All of my good intentions to hang them in my last house never came to fruition, yet somehow they survived the great pre-moving purge of 2011 (to give you an idea of how long these sat in a box gathering dust). Something in my heart must have told me they were worth keeping.

Which brings me to a set of very serious questions:

1. Do I paint the deer antlers? If so, where am I going to hang them? Are they worth keeping? Do you want them?

2. Do I paint the brass doves? If so, where am I going to hang them?

Obviously they are worth keeping, solely because every time I look at them I hear JUST LIKE THE WHITE WINGED DOVVEE OOOoooo baby ooooooh say oooooohAnd I picture myself like this:

Ok that’s Stevie Nicks with a Cockatoo, but still. Pretty much the same thing.

So why am I having such a moral dilemma about painting the doves? Is it because of my emotional attachment to them? Have I known them for too long and now I feel like I can’t paint them?  I can’t think of the last time I’ve had something brass in my house and thought “Hey! I’m really glad that’s brass, that totally doesn’t look like the 1980s [sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm].” And if I paint the doves white, maybe then they’ll look more LIKE THE WHITE WINGED DOVE SINGS A SONG SOUNDS LIKE SHE’S SINGINNNNN (ok I’ll stop).

The deer horns I don’t really care about. Partially because I know they were cheap/new/trendy, and partially because I have a real deer head hanging in my garage (long story, not mine, no I didn’t kill it, no I don’t support hunting, it came with the house) and I don’t really want to hang him anywhere either. My biggest fear is if I hang up too many antlers around the house all the sudden it will feel like I’m hanging with Gaston.

Yup, that’s a deer head. In my garage. And I’m a vegetarian. Glad we got that cleared up.

So I decided to ease my fears by looking around at what other’s had done. I found a LOT of projects online about painting brass lamps, and brass door hardware. Nothing specifically about painting brass figurines, but hey, brass is brass.


The best was a project I had found using something called “Chalk Paint”? Ok what is that? I know what Chalkboard paint is (obviously), but I’ve never heard of chalk paint. Here was the result of that project:

That looks pretty dang awesome. That started out as a piece of brass, and now looks like stone/chalk/soap/something that isn’t brass. So I suppose my options for the brass doves are:

a) Spray Paint them (glossy finish)

b) Paint them with chalk paint (matte finish)

c) Don’t paint them

With the antlers, I’m still not sure what I want to do. What do you think? Any ideas? Advice please! <3




One Comment on "To Paint, or Not to Paint?"

  1. Kathy says:

    Just when I’d gotten the Gaston song out of mind, you put it back in there. Ha! It’s going to take another thirty years to get over this post. The antlers? Paint them if you want them indoors (on the back of a door as a robe hook/ kitchen towel hook), or leave them silver & hang ’em in the garage, with the deer head, as a leash hook. The birds are just fab. I love the chalky paint. Or red. Or green. Or blue. Can’t wait to see what you do.

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