Don’t Mess with Austin

Hello friends! Sorry for the hiatus, I’d been doing a lot of travelling the past few weeks, and thought I would break my usual post-style and share some travel adventures.

My birthday was in the end of October (lots of cake, friends, and karaoke), and then me and my boo took a birthday trip to Austin, Texas. Why Austin? Jason went to Austin a few years ago to play at South by Southwest, and he came back swearing it was the perfect city for me. Well, turns out he knows me pretty well, because I am now calculating out when is the next time we can go.

We ate, walked around, ate, walked around a lot more, talked to every dog on the street (Austinites seem to be very pro-dog, which I was pretty pumped about), and made friends with nearly every person we encountered. They’re a friendly bunch in Austin.

Here are a few photos and notes from our travels:

On day one we walked around a lot, and eventually made our way to the Capitol Building. It’s actually the largest Capitol building in the country. I would have guessed that though, because it was huge. Here’s a photo of the park surrounding the Capitol.

The lens flare is because it was just too beautiful. Like staring into the sun.

Since I’m your typical Bay Area type, I was pretty pumped to go check out the Whole Foods headquarters. I know that might sound nerdy, but seriously, it was amazing. It was at least 3x larger than any Whole Foods I’ve ever been in, and they had a giant kiosk in the middle labeled “CANDY ISLAND.” If I had to be trapped on a desert island for the rest of my life, can it please be a dessert island? BA-DUM-CHHHHH.

Srsly though look at that. Can I have all of them please? Including those little banjo chocolates? k thx bye.

We ate a lot of amazing food in Austin: Fried Pickles, a sandwich made primarily of Waffle-Fries, Tex-Mex that would melt your face off it’s so good. We went to a small Southern chain with a cult-following called Chuy’s, that I was expecting to be like any other chain, but it was pretty dang delicious.

We also checked out some more indie establishments, like this amazing Tavern called Haddington’s.

Everything about this place was wonderful. Their branding was beautiful, their food was made from really fresh ingredients, and their bar-tenders were all really talented and entertaining. Seriously, if you go to Austin, go here. It’s a little more grown-up than some of the College-Crowd bars on 6th Street, but that’s more my speed anyway.

We even went to a Macrobiotic Vegan Restaurant while in Austin, which was a pretty interesting experience. We couldn’t figure out at first if it was a buffet or not (We just kind of sat there until after about 20 minutes someone brought us food), or what we were eating. While┬áI’m open to macrobiotic food (I’ve been vegetarian since I was two, and back and forth vegan), we probably could have used some more explanation from the staff as to what was going on.

While we were there, a butterfly landed on me and partied with me for about 5 minutes, so I think it was trying to tell me something. Probably a message about macrobiotic food. Thanks, Butterfly.

“Eat Macrobiotic, Yo.”

After that, we secretly wanted some dessert so we went to a placed called The Green Mesquite with the slogan “Horrifying Vegetarians Since 1988.” It was pretty much the polar opposite of macrobiotic vegan, but also it was pretty dang delicious. Also, this is their regular size iced tea.

Please note the spoon for scale.

But we didn’t just eat in Austin (seriously, I know it sounds like it. I just appreciate good food). We also walked around a TON, and enjoyed the natural beauty of Austin. My favorite thing we did was walked on the south bank of the river, which coincidentally is one giant off-leash dog park. Tons of dogs just run around, chase tennis balls, and run off a dock into the river. I’ve never seen so many happy dogs in my life. Afterwards, we stood on the Congress St. bridge and watched kayakers, and more dogs in the distance. It was perfect.

I’ve done a lot of travelling in Europe and Japan, but not much throughout the US. I think our next destination will probably be Nashville, New Orleans, or Santa Fe. Any awesome travel destinations for us? I’m not going to waste any vacation days when there are so many great things to see and do.

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  1. hannah says:

    so glad you had a good time! you packed a lot it! its so easy to lose track of time in this city.

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